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What's new?

[09-29-2023] Uploaded some recent 2023
[09-08-2023] There are more stuff on thelinks page than earlier
[09-07-2023] If you've been missing the music lately, well good for you because it is back. I might figure out how to make a playlist later, but now it's bedtime.
[09-01-2023] Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm currently in the process of redoing my hole layout. Anyways new jelly friend is now up.
[08-08-2023] Interests page is now launched, most links don't lead anywhere, except for the madoka one.
[08-03-2023] Added my recent art to 2023 page Also finally figured out how to add music so various pages are now singing to you.
[08-02-2023] Ramblings and links page were edited by me!!
[08-01-2023] This month's jelly is now up on the homepage and on the archive
[07-30-2023] I now have a site button. How cool is that? Pretty cool.
[07-26-2023] Made a page for my so-called animation. It's pretty empty so far, but it's a great source of motivation for me to animate
[07-18-2023] If you have the urge to scratch my brain you can do it here
[07-16-2023] You can now check out some neat neocities pages I enjoy starring at for hours at the links page
[07-12-2023] Finally 2023 page has been updated
[07-10-2023] Added a character archive type of thing. Only Bugjelly Willow's page is up for now, but I'm already working on the other ones too.
[07-01-2023] Happy july folks, added this month's jelly
[06-29-2023] Did a sexy status window and changed headline image. We're getting more and more colorful yippee!
[06-25-2023] Wowie wow edited the about me page and made a kin list.
[06-23-2023] To celebrate the beggining of summer I added a few sticker thingys.
[06-07-2023] Added a bunch of nicknacks to here and there and started editing the about me page
[06-15-2023] Finished adding 2022's art and made one for the2023 stuff
[06-12-2023] Added some 2022 art but got bored halfway through. Will finish it later though.
[06-08-2023] Edited gallery and added stuff from 2021
[06-04-2023] Added a scrollbar and suffered a lot
[06-03-2023] Updated month of the jellyfish and added an archive
[05-31-2023] Started working on links page. Css didn't like me today :(
[05-26-2023] "Updates" bar is now ready for use, added a bunch of silly buttons

Welcome in my little corner of the internet. This mess of a place
gives home to all my interests and thoughts. It is a never-ending
work in progress, but feel free to wander around and stay as long
as you want.


jelly of the month


Helmet jellyfish had to adapt to deep-sea life since sunlight can be harmful to it due to their photo-sensitive red color. But this pigment also has it's advantages, for example it hides the prey inside of it's belly. Unlike it's relatives helmet jellies don't go through a polyp stage.